New Year 2015 ดินเนอร์ ปีใหม่ แม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา

Celebrate New Year EVE 2015 
Dinner Cruise in Bangkok Thailand ล่องเรือ ดินเนอร์ ฉลองปีใหม่ ส่งท้ายปี 2557 ต้อนรับ ปี 2558 กลางลำน้้ำ แม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา คืน 31 ธันวาคม 2557

New Year's Eve in Bangkok,Thailand by Bangkok Dinner Cruise New Year's Eve Cruises in Bangkok ,Thailand " Let's Celebrate New Year Prarty onboard along Chaophraya River BangkokThailand "COME and Enjoy to New Years EVE Bangkok 2015 on 31 December 2014"

Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi Thailand

The Tiger Temple practices a different conservation philosophy than in the west. The temple opens daily for visitors at about 12pm, and the tigers are walked back to their enclosures at around 4pm. Due to the pressing need for income, the temple now charges 500 Baht admission. Day trips are also available from Bangkok. The temple now receives 300 to 600 visitors a day. There are donations boxes in various locations around the temple for those who wish to support the sanctuary. Tour Itinerary ; River Kwai Kanchanaburi Tiger Temple Day Tour 06:30 AM. Pick-up from various hotels in Bangkok for Kanchanaburi Province. 09:30 AM.Arrive to Kanchanaburi first stop at the World War II cemetery. 10:00 AM. World War II museum & Bridge over the river Kwai to look at surrounding. 11:00 AM.Depart to Lunch at local raft restaurant. 12:00 PM. Have lunch at river rafts restaurant. 12:30 PM.Visit to Sai Yok Noi waterfall.(around 1/2hr.) 13:45 PM. visit to the Tiger Temple. Learn about tigers and their lives in domestication inside the boundary of the temple run by Buddhist monks. Precaution: While observing the monk walking tigers for exercise, please strictly follow the instructions and advises given by the sanctuary keepers and local guide. And see around the tiger temple.(1hr.) 15:00 PM. Depart from Tiger temple comeback to Bangkok. Before 18:45 PM. Arrive in Bangkok. Tour Price : 2200 Baht per person Tour Inclusions : - Pick up and drop off from Hotel in Bangkok city area - All admission fee as in the itinerary ( Tiger Temple Fee 500 Baht ) - English speaking guide Tour Exclusions : - Personal expenses - Optional tour Make A Booking or find more details with as link


Monday, May 16, 2011

7 Absolute Essentials When Purchasing A New Electric Keyboard

7 Absolute Essentials When Purchasing A New Electric Keyboard

This is the first prerequisite for any purchase of the keyboard: 1 Touch Control - By definition, all non-traditional piano touch. Touch, it just means that more of the press, the higher the sound. Alternatively, if you play a soft sound, creating a soft sound. Make sure you purchase a portable keyboard. Somewhere in the following description: "Touch" button. If not, then I would not recommend buying this instrument.2. MIDI IN, OUT, and - MIDI for a term that means "the music interface and digital data" means or MIDI for short, that the keyboard can be connected to a different keyboard. Cap. "MIDI interface" can also be used as a MIDI connection to your computer (IBM clone or MAC). Then, with the same keyboard to play the keyboard or other games on the computer at the same time. It's perfect for composing music on your computer and a very useful feature when you play the keyboard to enter notes and songs he wrote. Is it possible to effectively play the keyboard simultaneously with two, three or more keys "layers" of audio sound.3. Keys, 61, 73 or 88: - In principle, regardless of the number keys, but it should be at least 61 keys. Obviously, the more keys on the keyboard when it is more expensive. Standard piano "sound" is 88 FIM. However, you do not need all 88 keys, instructions can be learning a second or third and 61-button too early to play.4. Above - This is an often overlooked but very useful function in the purchase included keyboard. Also known as "hard right pedal piano is in constant contact, or" support "of the musical tones when you press the right foot known. This option is useful, but a beginner, most people can use this function at the end of the first half. When looking at the keyboard, see the back of the piano in a place called "queer", "leg" or "quirky" or something similar. Most keyboards have this feature, but it is likely that the standard pedal. I suggest buying this pedal, because most of the time required to give you a short time. You must buy the product separately and add jack.5. Tripod - Think "keyboard stand", which the keyboard can be operated, the most forgotten people of this tool for my new house and find the installation, except. Table. From my experience, the keyboard support is absolutely necessary if you do not want to harm the new keyboard on the kitchen table or the floor. Set-resistant keyboard, a good life is easier if you regularly practicing.6. AC Adapter: - Make sure the keyboard works only purchased with batteries, or use the map to get the battery. You must at regular intervals, avoid the cost of buying new batteries regularly basis.7. An external amplifier - Several manufacturers are not suitable for keyboards, amplifiers, medium-sized enterprises. With external amplifiers dramatically improve their sound (and, of course, by volume). It happens that the amplifier is connected to the keyboard, not the best sound quality and an external amplifier can be substantially improved the gaming experience As a musician, I suggest you seriously consider all these features, the purchase of a keyboard. I did not say that some o.


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